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Managed Services is THE way that technical support is delivered in the 21st Century. You may have entered this business thinking you are a “computer consultant” or some kind of guru. Well, here’s the bad news: Computer consultants and gurus don’t make a lot of money. And if they do, they don’t get to keep very much of the money they make.

But there’s good news. You can use a Managed Services model to make and keep a great deal of money. Managed Services represents a professional way of delivering technology consulting.

This page has several FREE Webinars that I hope you will find useful. No real selling, just useful information. And yes, of course, the cost of free is that I hope you’ll look around my other sites and decide to buy something.

For more information on Managed Services, check out these resources:

I’m a BIG believer in spreading the word about Managed Services. I want to rid our industry of hacks and amateurs. I want to make this profession more professional!