An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Small Business

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Managed Services is THE way that technical support is delivered in the 21st Century. You may have entered this business thinking you are a “computer consultant” or some kind of guru. Well, here’s the bad news: Computer consultants and gurus don’t make a lot of money. And if they do, they don’t get to keep very much of the money they make.

But there’s good news. You can use a Managed Services model to make and keep a great deal of money. Managed Services represents a professional way of delivering technology consulting.

This page has several FREE Webinars that I hope you will find useful. No real selling, just useful information. And yes, of course, the cost of free is that I hope you’ll look around my other sites and decide to buy something.

About these Webinars

All MSP Webinars on this site are written and hosted by Karl W. Palachuk.

Karl has written all of the best-selling books on Managed Services including Managed Services in a Month, Cloud Services in a Month, Managed Services Operations Manual, and lots more.

More about Managed Services

If you’d like to learn more about Managed Services, consider these resources:

Karl is a BIG believer in spreading the word about Managed Services. He works to rid our industry of hacks and amateurs. And he works to make this profession more professional!

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