Measuring Success – The Unpopular Truth about KPIs, SLAs, and SMB IT

A Different Perspective for IT Service Providers

Download: Grab this 2-page worksheet handout (pdf)

We all love to measure things. And we’re eager to learn the “industry standards” for successful businesses so we can see how we stack up. But we can also get carried away by measuring too much, measuring the wrong things, and implementing changes when we don’t actually understand the implications of what we’re measuring.

In this informative and entertaining webinar, author and coach Karl W. Palachuk presents a “systems” approach for implementing measures that help your business more than they hurt.

Note: Karl takes a very different approach from most “coaches” who are really just trying to sell something else. Hint: Most KPIs are useless or harmful to your business. Karl explains why you should measure frequently but make changes infrequently. But, most importantly, you should not hold employees accountable for most of what you measure!

This will be a different kind of webinar.

Download: Grab this 2-page worksheet handout (pdf)

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